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Hello and Welcome

My name's Vernette - instructor, therapist and owner of Vernyoga and this website is dedicated to your health and well-being.

Also introducing Jackie, a dear friend and student of Vernyoga, is now a qualified teacher in her own right and will be my cover teacher if and when needed.

Vernyoga offers you high quality, joyful yoga, meditation and fitness tuition via classes, workshops, retreats and therapies at realistic, affordable prices.

The Vernyoga recipe for health and well-being brings together all of the styles of yoga Vernette has trained in, from classical to contemporary teachings for a flowing style with a strong, anatomical focus, so that students can get more results in less time from every class that they take, working from deep inside the body with solid foundations and core activation rather than externally placed postures on the body. It's creative, informative, fun and accessible to everyone.

Although all classes are open, all level ability, a reasonable level of fitness or mobility is required as most classes are (usually) fairly active, flowing hatha / vinyasa yoga, including slow to medium paced flowing movements, rather than meditative or gentle stretching - if looking for that, maybe the Wednesday yin yoga class, Thursday morning class or the Saturday afternoon class may be better options for you than the evening classes.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the classes - it's truly is one of my favourite parts of my week. You are really patient, give really clear instruction and make it accessible to all. I'm so glad that I found your class. THANK YOU!
I teach and I know the value of true commitment and dedication to what you do. To inspire is exhausting and it appears that you do it easily.. That's what makes a great teacher...and you special and that's reflected in your busy classes.

Yoga to find out how Yoga helped me loose 6stone in weight, help thyroid function and depression and how it can help you too!

MEN! also check it out to read why yoga is not just for women!

On this site you’ll find the pages dedicated to :-

Yoga  |  Applied Yoga (Thai Massage) | Yoga Therapy  |  Fitness Training  |  Massage Therapies  Reiki  |  Relaxation and Breath Therapies   |  Ear Candling  | Nutrition  |  Counselling & Psychotherapy

Vernyoga Locations - Grab and scroll map to sides to see either Chertsey or Weybridge locations or click map or link below to enlarge. You can then click on the markers for parking directions.

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The full Vernyoga ingredients for a recipe of health:
  • Dynamic Hatha for strength, heat, flexibility and stamina
  • CSV (Core Strength Vinyasa) for work on the inner body and deep core lines of the body (not all about the abs!)
  • Sahaja Prana flow for spontaneous fluid movement and empowerment
  • Sivananda for mind, breath, spirituality and philosophy
  • Kundalini for joint and spine lubrication, core strength as well as detox and de-stress
  • Yin yoga to surrender meditatively into deep connective tissues - fascia, ligaments, tendons and muscle.
  • HIIT  - High Intensity Interval Training for fat burning and cardio
  • Reiki and massage for healing and deep relaxation
  • Psychology for a better understanding of ourselves and others


  • More on yoga styles can be found here

There are many aspects to yoga, from the obvious health benefits, to it's rich history and philosophy. There is so much to know and learn about yoga but so it’s often surrounded by mystery, myth or ridicule and often overlooked as form of exercise that will get good results and keep you fit, as well as an aid to a happier mind and lifestyle. How much you wish to learn from this ancient system is entirely up to you and Vernyoga can help set you on your path.


"Man is ill because he is never still."
Paracelsus 14th Century Physician

Reiki is an amazing Japanese hands-on relaxation therapy that helps the body and mind self-heal. The only way to truly understand Reiki is receive Reiki, and the more you have of it, the more accumulative the effect and benefit.  Massage is beneficial through manipulation of the soft and deep tissues, aiding in circulation, release of tension and tightness in the muscles, aids in healing as a result of damage or injury and the relaxation brought about by massage also helps the immune system.
Please note - full body massages and Thai Massage is available to women only.


Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through yoga
Yoga Sutras 200 B.C.

"Vernette Butler is an exceptional teacher who manages to equally encourage and help everyone from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. She has inspired me to regularly attend yoga class and to generally get fit. She really does make yoga accessible to people of all ages and fitness level"
A. Colley

Health and awards

Leah Bracknell Serenity May Workshop in Weybridge now booking, click here for more info

ALL classes are now £8 / £40 for 6 (except kirtan £4) regardless of whether day or evening classes.


Class on Saturdays at Curves (ladies gym) is now open to couples, not just ladies, so gentlemen if you've been attending with your lady to my other classes and wish to add in a weekend class, then please enquire!!


The Yoga Blitz class has been postponed for now - my sincere apologies to those that were interested. The idea will be resurrected again soon!


The new Kirtan / Sound class is a mantra call and response and sound vibration work, it's an effortless sing-a-long meditation which is uplifting and easy, you dont need to be able to sing, remember words, be of any particular faith to join in! Just come and give it a go - you never know, you may be suprised!! It's the easiest meditation there is.
Wednesday evening after the previous class at 8.00pm 45min. £4
More about Kirtan


Therapies now held at the Dermal Lounge in Weybridge and available Monday afternoons and Fridays by appointment only.
For Vernyoga tshirts, tank tops and mugs!

If new to class, please email first for space availability

Please read important T&C's about class passes

Kundalini & Yin classes Wednesday in Weybridge. What are these classes?


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“Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases,”
"A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession"

Hippocrates 400 BC “Father of Medicine”









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